Saturday, March 11, 2006

Watch this space

Hi all,
This is just a quick note to explain why there'll be a little gap before my next post. We went away at the weekend (Thursday/Friday remember) to Jordan and the Marriott Jordan Valley Resort and Spa by the Dead Sea. There's one story queued up, then today our heavy baggage finally arrived; 91 boxes of personal effects on the back of a big lorry - there's another one.

So today I've been unpacking stuff and setting up my plasma TV and Macintosh computer - bare necessities!, and tomorrow I'm out all day on a business trip to Dammam, so there'll be some more stories soon but you probably won't see the first one til Monday evening.

...and if that excites you, you really need to get out more!


Joe King Gas-Eyed said...

Hope you're having a fun time. I finally got to see the pics and yes; they do make a difference. But I still can't figure out who the Harry Potter look-a-like is. I guess if he ever starts wearing glasses, he won't have trouble choosing a suitable frame.

Chris said...

Hi Joe. The "Harry Potter look-a-like" is my 14-year-old son Elliot, and you're not the first person to make the comment, although they only really started after he let his hair grow long.

Glad you can see the pics now - Chris