Monday, April 03, 2006

New map thingy

I was browsing Technorati yesterday when I found Gypsy Girl's blog. There are a couple of similarities between her blog and mine (we're both in the Middle East because of our partners' jobs, we both like to use lots of pictures etc.). Another cool thing I discovered on her blog was Clustrmap. If you look to the right of this window you'll see a small world map, which is a bit like a page hit counter but it records the country of the person visiting the blog, so over time you can build up a picture of where all your readers are in the World.
So, if you know anyone living in far-flung corners of the world please send them the link to my blog. I'd love to get as impressive a spread of dots as Gypsy Girl has!

1 comment:

gypsy girl said...

Hi Chris,

Great blog! I can see now why you mentioned the similarities between yours and my blog :-)

Keep it up, I'll definitely be a regular visitor now.

Cheers Gypsy Girl