Saturday, May 20, 2006


We just got back from a brilliant weekend in Dubai, but Abigail also picked up a throat infection which she has generously passed on to me, so while the Dubai trip should by rights be the priority story, I'm really not up to it today (sniff, cough). Will try to post it tomorrow, but in the meantime here's a "short".

Abigail, Karen and I all received minor injuries in the last few days, but Elliot remains unscathed. I put this down to our relative levels of physical activity; Elliot's injury avoidance strategy being to do nothing; if you don't do it you can't get injured doing it can you? Makes a kind of annoying sense.
The remaining - and more active - three of us have spent many happy hours arguing whose injury is the worst, the most painful, the worst looking: you be the judge.

Stumbled and scraped arm on wall whilst filming a spy movie with her best friend Alix.

Victim of "Windmill of Death" skating accident in the Embassy compound. Impact absorbed by elbow (10%) and right buttock/mobile phone in back pocket (90%). Nasty bruise on elbow, right buttock and mobile phone unhurt, thanks to quality Nokia craftsmanship. ...Oh, and the additional body fat I have deliberately developed on my bottom to safeguard against just such an eventuality.

Dropped glass saucepan lid metal-rim-first on bare big toe while cooking. Made a big fuss.

I think you will all agree that Abigail's looks the worst, but I think the more discerning among you will recognise who has done the lion's share of the suffering! Please cast your vote now by leaving a comment (coz you've got nothing better to do, have you?).

Dubai weekend story soon, tomorrow if I'm up to it (cough).


laura said...

ahhhhh - shame. Abigail's obviously. Although Karen must have needed to put her feet up for a week?!

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