Saturday, November 04, 2006

"Yeah Baby, Yeah!"

The social drought of Summer over, it's finally time for the new season of expat and Embassy events to kick into life with a ball in the garden of the Ambassador's residence. Organised by the Wadi Club – the Embassy's social club – it was decided that this first ball of the season should be a little unconventional and light-hearted, so that's how we arrived at The Totally Shagedelic Autumn Ball which, for those of you not familiar with Mike Myers' most famous creation, was based on the Austin Powers franchise.

Karen looking lovely in her new frock

The dress code was, "fancy dress or black tie", so I went black tie and Karen bought a new dress (of course!) for the occasion. There are two kinds of people in this world: those who "do" fancy dress and those who don't; guess which ones we are? I wondered for a brief moment what we'd have done had Carol -- the organiser -- made fancy dress compulsory. We'd almost certainly have still gone and would therefore had to have had a go at costumes, but I for one wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly so much, so thank you Carol for giving us the option. I don't know why I feel this way -- I enjoy seeing others who do dress up, but I think I see the whole effort as being more bother than it's worth; Blimey I'm starting to sound like a right party-pooper aren't I?

Others did, thankfully, go to the effort of dressing "Austin-style" and they made it a very colourful occasion.

"Don't get carried away Karen (another one), he's only a cut-out!"

"Smashing Baby!"

Karen with Carol -- who took the theme from idea to spectacular success

Austin's let himself go a bit since 'Goldmember'

Even the waiters were dressed in frilly shirts and thick-rimmed glasses (although I'm not sure any of them knew who Austin Powers was).

A glass of liquid "mojo"!

The tickets weren't cheap but they proved excellent value because, not only was it a great night out, but the numbered tickets also doubled as prize draw entry cards, and a few lucky winners went home with some very nice prizes, including dinner for two at the same Mondo restaurant where Karen and I won our Thailand holiday and a pair of return air tickets to the UK with bmi (they do nice things occasionally I suppose).

Victoria Kensington, Felicity Shagwell and Foxy Cleopatra share Austin stories

Dr. Evil in rare party mood, with Mini Me copying, as always

"You're not fooling anyone with that pathetic disguise Dr. Evil". Well, apart from Mini Me apparently.

"The name's Shagwell: Felicity Shagwell."
(Ed:) "Oh. And who's your cardboard friend?"

Even Fat Bastard knows a move or two. Favourite dance: The Bump.

The main ball finished at 01.30, then a group of us retired to the Wadi Club itself for an "after-party", and we finally got home around 4am.

"Groovy Baby!"

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