Sunday, January 21, 2007


A friend of mine (he's an Ambassador actually but I don't like to name-drop) pointed out the other day that I have some competition in the English-bloke-ranting-about-life-in-Riyadh stakes. I checked out his story (well you never know, do you?), and true enough, I found this other blog called An Englishman in Saudi Arabia. Head on over when you have time, because there are some quite funny stories about Saudi life. You'll hear more about the shopping, driving, women covering up, and the Muttawa (Religious Police). Margrave must be something of a Muttawa magnet: he's got several encounter stories already and has only been here a few months. Karen and I have only "been Muttawa'd" twice in our year here, and both incidents were minor (they just spit out the word, "Cover!" as they walk past, indicating that they would like Karen to cover her head during prayer time)... maybe we need to get out more.
It's a little bit mysterious; he doesn't give his name and as yet I haven't yet had a reply to the email I sent him a few days ago, but I'll keep trying to get in touch and will let you know how I get on. Perhaps he can take me out Muttawa-baiting at the weekend.

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