Monday, November 05, 2007

Halloween Party

When we lived in the UK the thing that scared me most about Halloween was not the ghosts, ghouls and goblins that might be out and about but the hoodies, yobs and chavs prowling residential streets, armed with eggs and demanding treats with menaces. No Trick Or Treat in Riyadh (at least, not that I am aware of), so this year we had to look elsewhere for our spooky thrills.

Three things I like about Linda are: that she's a great laugh, she organised a fancy dress Halloween Party last Wednesday, and she lives only two doors down the road. So, we had a great Halloween night, in good company, and had only twenty yards to stagger home afterwards -- what more could you ask for?

There are probably several shops in Riyadh from which we could have got fancy dress costumes -- you can buy pretty much anything here if you're willing to look hard enough -- but we decided to play it safe by ordering Halloween costumes from a UK company on the internet. I had my "Scream" outfit and Karen's Gothic Vamp dress delivered to Karen's sister Laura, so that the children could bring them out in their suitcases when they came for half term. However when the package arrived Laura found it was five foot long. In my enthusiasm I'd ordered a plastic Grim Reaper Scythe and a Devil's Trident without really thinking it through from a packaging perspective.

"Where's me scythe?"

Laura did what anyone faced with such a conundrum would do: she cut them in half and put them in the suitcases in bits, to be re-assembled at the other end of the journey. We didn't use them in the end, mainly because to repair them looked too much like hard work to me. Anyone want to buy a two-foot scythe? Damn, we should've put them in the Garage Sale. Filipino children look angelic to me, but I'm sure they must have their demonic side too.

Anyway, here is the party in pictures. Plenty to be scared of here, I think you'll agree!

Here's "Carrie" with a limp-wristed zombie.

Mr. & Mrs. G. Reaper

Gordon's always been a bit of a Hellraiser.

"Give us a kiss luv!"
"Not likely! Look what happened when you gave me a Love Bite!"

I've got more photos, but Blogger won't let me upload them. They've got a bug somewhere :-(


jang said...

why do americans (and british?) want to export their cultural grotesqueness all over the globe?

weren't the nasty halloween hoodlems in england proof enough of the foolishness and fruits of this infantile celebration of ugliness?

i can't fathom how little meaning people see in life that they are so wedded to the dark imagery of halloween and, if you even mention taking it away from them, they howl as if you were cutting their hearts out.

america, the great satan (a name she vehemently protests, as she drapes herself in the imagery popularized by pirates and poison bottles), and her british cohorts.

doesn't she deserve her reputation? remember, before the nazis gassed and burned the jews, they plastered skulls as nazi emblems on their panzers and invaded poland. no problem today, as most of western culture adores skulls as decorations, tatoos, and so on-- halloween has become just the crescendo to an ongoing symphony of darkness and death. they love to put them on their beautiful newborns' clothing. you want to find (or create) the demonic side to the beautiful children.... so you can continue being a lost child youself.

why not be on a real diplomatic mission .... for the LIGHT???

Anonymous said...

So you wanna leave a long message trolling someone else's experience? You are the ghoul you poof.