Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Our first visitors

Last night Karen's family arrived for a 5-day visit. We picked up Mary (Karen's mum), Laura (sister) and Lucas (nephew) at the airport around 6.45pm and drove them the 40km back to the Diplomatic Quarter, where we got back home to Elliot & Abigail at around 7.30.

It was really lovely to see them again, even though we've only been apart about six weeks it's the longest we've gone without seeing them.
We didn't go anywhere last night, just stayed in and talked. Mary brought us some Christmas presents from my Auntie Julie because we hadn't seen her over the Christmas break; thanks for the pressies Julie! She also brought Karen some magazines, and sweets for everyone to share.

Lucas was only in the house for 30 minutes when he decides he wants to take a shower,

so that's him making himself at home then!

It gets to 11pm and thoughts turn to turning in. We've got two spare bedrooms in the new house (I know I owe you some photos of the house; it's on my list!), so we had Lucas upstairs next to us and gave Mary and Laura the downstairs bedroom, so they could have a break from Lucas' night-time antics - nice aren't we?
I began to regret it though at about 0130. Lucas doesn't "do" sleep, at least not when you want him to - Karen got up to him the first couple of times, then I spent from 1.30 to 3am putting him back into bed, taking him to the toilet, etc. He went off around 3am and slept til 7.30, so that wasn't too bad. Remember he'd just lost three hours in the change of timezone so his body clock was thrown out a bit - no excuse for throwing ours out too though! I'm sure he'll be better tonight.
We got up late this morning and mooched around (well most of us - Karen went to work), then late morning we got changed into our swimming things

- Lucas' costume is particularly fetching - and I took them up to the Embassy to show them the pool and club area.

We took advantage of the nice weather today: 25c and sunny - and spent most of the day by the pool.

Lucas was straight in and really enjoyed it.

At lunchtime we took our custom to Tony's Top Tucker. Tony is the partner of one of the women at the Embassy, and he's set up a cottage industry making freshly prepared sandwiches, salads, and the odd burger for the staff. It's fresh, delicious and very good value!
After lunch there was more swimming and then we played tennis, until Karen knocked off work around 3.15pm.
As I write it's late afternoon and I'm the only adult awake - Elliot's doing his homework, Abigail's doing her email and the ladies and Lucas are all having a nap in preparation for our trip out into town tonight for dinner. I'm supposed to be working but thought I'd let you all know what's going on here first. I'll give you an update on their visit later in the week. Off to get on with some work now.

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