Monday, February 06, 2006

Saleh's back!

I was sitting in the Embassy lobby yesterday morning when I saw Saleh walk in! After I'd shook his hand and welcomed him back, he told me he was feeling fine now, after having spent four days in hospital and then a week off work to rest. He's been told to exercise and avoid fried food, eat lots of chicken and fish etc.
We had a good laugh about my indigestion advice on that fateful day, and I said I'd felt guilty for not reading the signs and insisting he go to hospital.
Elliot & Abigail were very happy when I told them later, and they're looking forward to seeing Saleh on the school run later in the week.


Kelly T said...

Hi chris, i think u r doing a great job on here about keeping us westerners posted on what u r up to! Elliots blog is also very good but you put more detail and so i understand all about the way u live etc. (lucky people!)
Well i hope to see you all when u come to visit in april!!

Chris said...

Hi Kelly, thanks for the comment and for the nice words about the blog - glad you like it.

I'm writing this from our weekend getaway in the Dead Sea - full blog story soon. Elliot says hi and he can't wait to see you all again next month.

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