Friday, July 07, 2006

preparing to visit Blighty

This week has been one of several events, but none of which I really feel the urge to write about in detail. In fact I haven't posted anything for a few days (apart from videos but that's not the same is it?), I guess this is because we're getting excited about going to the UK on a trip.

A quick round-up of my week then:-
Been out several times this week, including drinks at the Consul's house to welcome a visitor from UK Visas in London, Dinner with some friends who are great fun but they have seven - oops, one died - six rabbits in their atrium and we let slip that Abigail had a rabbit before we came out, so now Mark is continually offering Abigail one of his; not sure how much longer we can resist her pleas! Elliot and I also attended the Chevening Awards ceremony in the Ambassador's residence. These are scholarships in UK given to mature Saudi students to do post-graduate study in the UK. Elliot was there as Residence Photographer again, and I had just gone to drop him off but Sherard insisted I hang about to make up the numbers. Yesterday we had our own "Wimbledon" at the Embassy, complete with friendly tennis tournament and lashings of Pimms. I didn't play but I did drink the Pimms, so contributed in my own, small way.
Also this week, England went out of the World Cup (boo hoo), but so did Germany (hooray!). My money's on France to win.

I have a new toy too. It's one of those in-car SatNav things that tells you how to get where you're going.

I really love it and have spent hours playing with it - mostly indoors! - but then you all know I'm a gadget freak so that should come as no surprise. You can find out about my new purchase here

As I said, we're going to the UK! I'm going alone for the first few days on business, then Karen and the children will join me mid-week for a six day holiday in which to visit family and friends and for Karen and I to spend a day HERE!

I will try to post a couple of stories while in the UK, and in any case will give you a full run-down of our day at Champneys when I get back, feeling all warm and relaxed!

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