Thursday, July 27, 2006

Techie nightmares

You're probably wondering where the heck, "UK Trip Part 2" is aren't you?

So am I!!

Had a really bad couple of days technologically-speaking, which have taken my attention away from blogging....

The other day my internet connection was really playing up, but that was nothing compared to yesterday! In one day, the following happened:-

- The printer arm broke, meaning I couldn't close it again after having replaced the ink cartridges

- Karen's laptop had hard disk errors, making it look like she would lose all her data (no backup!)

- In trying to edit some of Abigail's photos from the UK trip I accidentally deleted the best ones.

- I ran an undelete utility on my laptop in an attempt to recover the photos

- The undelete utility DELETED all my data!

- I then spent the rest of the evening (until 2am) rebuilding both my and Karen's laptops.

Total nightmare! If you haven't backed up your data recently, I STRONGLY suggest you do so - now.

In the end I got Karen's data back and though I lost mine I did have backups, albeit a couple of months or so old. I lost all my photos from Dubai and Bahrain: thank God for this blog, where the best ones are preserved!

I'm also very busy work-wise at the moment, so it may be a few days before normal service is resumed, but I'll be back as soon as I can.

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