Saturday, August 05, 2006

Finally! UK Trip Part 2

Sorry I haven't posted anything for what must seem like ages. You've heard the excuses before - busy with work, computers dying left right & centre, and so on. Plus the children being on holiday are around the house most of the day so the quiet time I used to spend blogging has been replaced by helping with homework and trying to suggest things for them to do.

Anyway, still busy workwise but at least my computer's working again, as is Karen's. It turned out that Karen's data hadn't been damaged but I lost all of mine, so by the time I'd restored my latest backup I'd still lost quite a few photos :-(

After the cricket match on the wednesday we had a six-day holiday in the UK. I picked Karen and the children up from Heathrow and we had a very pleasant few days visiting family and friends. Here are some of the highlights in pictures:-

Elliot & Lucas. Note the "same-colouredness" of Elliot's hair...

Elliot & Abigail like to dye their hair for the summer. Elliot likes to wear plastic bags on his head.

The dyed hair look; and there's that Lucas kid again!

Elliot & Abigail with Lucas, Daisy and Ruby

"Cap'n Jack Sparrow at yer service, Yaar!"

Elliot & James having some good clean fun

A lovely afternoon for a barbeque with friends Sue & Steve

Pete on bass and Elliot on guitar - watch out Journey South!

Champneys Health Spa from the gardens

All this scenery, and a massage too!

It doesn't get more different from Riyadh than this

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