Sunday, August 13, 2006


I think I mentioned before that friends of ours down the road were trying to palm one of their six rabbits off on us. Well, Abigail to be specific. Needles to say it wasn't too hard so we now have a little addition to our household.

He used to be called Churchill but none of the members of McFly is called Churchill, so Abigail renamed him Dougie. We have two atriums in the house (or should that be atria?). Anyway one of them's full of plants but the other one has made a perfect home for Dougie. It's open to the air (at roof level) but free from too much direct sunlight and safe from birds, cats etc., and he's got plenty of room to run around.

Here's a small video of Dougie in action, battling it out with one of Abigail's flip flops, which drive him mad for some reason! (Please be patient - video may take a while to download)
Oh, and sorry if it shoves an advert in your face before playing. I don't make the rules up.

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