Wednesday, August 16, 2006

On the road again

The summer here has been pretty dull in comparison to the first few months of our stay, for simple and obvious reasons: it gets so hot here in the Summer months that thare are fewer large functions (which are outdoor), desert trips are out of the question, and many ex-pats leave Riyadh for an extended Summer break. So we've been without some of our friends and with a suddenly much less active social calendar than we've become used to.

That said, we've not been sitting around at home twiddling our thumbs; there have been pool outings, Wadi Club gatherings, a murder mystery party and even a poker night, so still entertaining although not on the scale you've read about here before.

I've also found yet more photos of our UK trip - ones taken with Elliot's camera. I'll post them soon.

Later today we'll be setting off on our own Summer holiday. Driving to Bahrain for an overnight stay before flying to Bangkok where we stay for three nights, then flying on to Phuket for 8 nights: can't wait! I'm sure I'll be online while I'm away and will try to post about the trip in small bite-size chunks, rather than keep you waiting til I get back, and then having an epic to write!

Stay tuned...

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