Monday, August 21, 2006

Bangkok: Intense!

It's Monday afternoon and, having completed the Bangkok portion of our trip to Thailand, we're at the airport waiting to board the one hour flight to Phuket, where I hope we'll have a well-earned rest!

Bangkok is a truly amazing place. Crowded, tightly packed, noisy, colourful, smiling, delicious, smelly, frightening, beautiful, ugly. I could write for hours about the three days we've just had, and it's going to be a tough job choosing just a select few of the hundreds of photos I've taken, for publication here.

There's so much to tell you and show you that I'm going to split it into several entries, each one on a different theme. I hope that this way the photos will look better together and help to explain the many different, unforgettable memories that I have of this city.

Getting on the plane soon so I'll sign off for now. I'll try to get the first couple of chapters posted in the next few days.

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