Monday, April 30, 2007

Neal of Everywhere-but-Arabia

I've been reviewing entries on this blog from the last few months, and I've realised that pretty much all I've been talking about is my various trips away from Saudi: BrainShare, Edinburgh, and before that Dubai, UK at Christmas. It's actually getting quite hard to find any recent information about Riyadh and Saudi Arabia itself. Now, I know early on when I first got here and started the blog that was pretty much all I talked about -- because it was all new and foremost in our thoughts I suppose. But now I have more readers, and new readers. People from all over the world are stumbling onto this site and must be thinking, "Why's it called Neal of Arabia when all he does is talk about other places?"
I think this is a situation I need to remedy. It's all very well documenting our holidays and my business trips and so on -- it's how I've been spending my time after all -- but if I want this to be more a record of life as a Diplomatic Spouse in Riyadh and less a simple diary then things have got to change.
Trouble is, I can't satisfy the new reader without going back to basics and talking about all the ways in which life in Saudi differs from life everywhere else, and that's going to bore the 'old timers' who have been with me from the beginning. Of course I could simply tell newbies to go through the archives and read some of the old stuff, but I have no way of knowing if they'd actually do it. What'd be really nice is if people sent me questions about life in Saudi so that I can answer them here and you'd get information you're actually interested in, but I don't expect that to happen either. I'd be fooling myself if I thought there were armies of readers out there brimming with burning questions about life as an expat and willing to take the time to write in with them; who am I trying to kid?
Let's leave it like this: I'll go off into a corner and try to come up with new ways of describing the unique living environment that is Expat's Riyadh, and you post a comment on this entry if there's something about it you've always wanted to know but I haven't yet covered. Don't worry if you read this weeks after I've posted it, don't think that it's not worth commenting anymore because it's an old entry. I get emailed every time someone leaves a comment so I'll know about it and I promise to answer.

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