Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thailand - the last word: Phuket

Right, this is it. This is definitely, absolutely the last time I will go on about Thailand, promise. From now on it'll be back to normal with stories about Riyadh, honest.

We spent two weeks in Thailand but only three days in Bangkok. From there we flew to Phuket - a small island just off the coast but still part of Thailand, for eight days of chilling out at the Sheraton Grande, Laguna

A fabulous 5-star resort which was our base for most of the holiday, but I'm not going to go on at length about this leg of the trip because a) we spent most of the time lying on the beach or by the pool, and b) I think you've probably had enough of Thailand by now.

Instead, here are a few photos (did I tell you I have a new camera??)

The entrance to our hotel

Pool area just outside our villa

...where Elliot & Abigail spent most of their time!

The Wedding Chapel

The lagoon area

"let's go for a paddle!" - VERY strong waves here: one took my sunglasses right off my head!

Anna - the hotel elephant - likes a dip too.

Karen and Abigail getting ready for eating-eating.

Either my new camera's fantastic or I've got two good-looking kids!

Eating-eating, in style.

Day trip to some of the smaller islands.

First stop, limestone caves by canoe.

Next up, James Bond Island, where Man With The Golden Gun was filmed.

"Watch out 007!" Blofeld's army of henchwomen lie in wait around the corner to rob us of all our money.

Last stop: elephant park.

Day trip to Phuket Town. It should be called Scooterville.

...they're everywhere you look!

Two scooters attempting a pincer movement on this unsuspecting monk.

Scooterless ourselves, we had to walk everywhere: time for another foot massage!

The best food we ate on the entire holiday was here at this beachfront restaurant. Although Phuket was not a major victim the Tsunami wiped out several such places.

Footnote: If you ever get a chance to visit Thailand, grab it with both hands.

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