Friday, October 20, 2006

No Rest for the Wicked

It's half-term so the children have a week's holiday from school. Despite that, Abigail's coaches have told all the team members to swim 3km during the break, so this morning (Friday: Sunday in our world) we went to the Embassy so she could swim a few lengths.

"Ready, on your marks, GO!"

First job was to measure the pool. We know it's shorter than the standard 25m but we don't know by how much. It takes us three tries to measure it accuratly (WITH a tape measure), and it turns out to be 20m long. This is bad news for Abigail because her 1km practice just grew from 40 lengths to 50. I've brought my camera bag with me - partly because I like playing with it and partly because it gives me an excuse not to do any swimming myself - so while Abigail's practising her techniques I'm trying to get some good action shots.

Elliot doesn't get involved (he "doesn't feel very well"), and Karen's got a book to read, so that's how the four of us spend a pleasant late morning; Abigail swimming, me snapping, Karen reading and Elliot feeling sorry for himself.

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