Thursday, October 05, 2006

You'll never guess...

"We never win anything."

How many times have you either said that yourself or heard someone else say it while buying raffle tickets or entering competitions? We used to be in that "never win anything crowd", until we started winning that is.

You'll remember us winning a digital camera in the raffle at a charity ball a few months ago? Well now we've topped that!

You remember in the last posting when I mentioned the prize draw the restaurant was holding at the end of their Thai Food Festival?

OH YES, we've just won a holiday to Bangkok.

Imagine our surprise! Of course there were the obligatory but good-humoured cries of, "fix!" from people when they found out, but the hotel manager is happy that we just got lucky, and what a nice 20th anniversary present with which to finish off our celebrations.

Oh you poor things. Scarcely have you returned to normal after putting up with my dronings about Thailand for the last few weeks than I'm off there again. We haven't booked it yet but will need to go soon - the tickets expire in mid-December. So there's a nice early Christmas present for you all - more stories about Bangkok (Stop that yawning!).

I'll tell you what. Just to keep your interest up let's make it different this time. How about you tell me what aspects of Bangkok you'd like to hear about and that's what I'll write; kind of like a radio request show only without the good music. Just click the "comments" link at the bottom of this post and tell me what info about Bangkok you want me to come back with, or tell me never to write of Bangkok again and I'll "blog off" for a while.

I can't wait - but then you all know how much I love Bangkok. I imagine this time it will be Same Same, But Different.


Chris said...

Oh Chris, I just loved all the stories about Thailand. I don't think I could ever grow tired of hearing about it.
Please please please write lots more on your return, you choose the subjects, but make sure you include lots of photos taken with your lovely new camera.

Anonymous said...

Lucky git!

Please can you report on the recent coup and the effects it has had on the socio-economic outlook of the average man on the Bangkok omnibus.

Should keep you out of mischief!

Peter - Windsor

Anonymous said...

Who's Peter Windsor?

Harry Windsor

Anonymous said...