Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Still Bloody Marvellous!


This is shameless plug number 2 for my new blog: Bloody Marvellous! (note to mother and other computer duffers: click on the words "bloody marvellous" above to visit the new blog. It's called a hyperlink) :-)

Normal service will be resumed in the next day or two, once I've given
click here! ---> Bloody Marvellous! <---click here!
enough time at the top of the page.

One thing I'm working on is my new book, "Around The World in Eighty Catchphrases" that may or may not ever become a real thing. So far I have my two, plus three donated by Candice (see comments on Insha'Allah):-

1. Bangkok: "Same same, but different
2. Riyadh: "Inshallah"
3. Australia "No worries"
4. Colombia "Tranquila"
5. South Africa "Howzit"

So, well on our way. What's the commonest phrase in Stockholm? Moscow? Dublin? New York? Anyone want to send some more in or should we just draw a line under it right now and move on?

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