Monday, December 11, 2006

"It's not Nuremberg, it's Nuernberg!"

My friend and colleague Bernd sent me the photos that I took with his camera of the Christkindlmarkt, so if you re-read the last posting you'll see some nice new piccies there.

I gave Bernd the url for the story: BIG MISTAKE! He went and read it, and spotted all my German language errors. It's quite funny actually: he's always sending me stuff in English and I correct it, so now I know how he must feel when I "mark" his work.

Anyway, those errors in full:-
If you are using an English keyboard you can't type special German characters, like umlauts and those double-S things that look like capital B's, so you have to modify the spelling to make it phonetically correct.

Nuremberg should be written Nuernberg (the 'e' is added after the 'u' to give the correct pronunciation of the 'u', which really should have an umlaut). And so on...
The restaurant is called Landbierparadies
The pork dish I had was Schaeuferle
The potato dumplings with it were called Kloesse
Christkindlmarkt instead of Christkindlesmarkt
It's Gluehwein instead of Gluhwein
he's so picky!

I particularly liked the photo of all the wooden toys; very Christmassey! I have it as my desktop wallpaper and it makes me feel all festive each morning when I boot up my laptop. If you would like to do the same, here it is again, only this time in full size.

To set this as wallpaper on your computer, click the picture and the full-size image will be shown (it may take a minute or two to load). Once it's loaded, right-click and click Save As... to save a copy to your computer. Then, set as wallpaper in the normal way for your operating system (If you've got any sense you'll be using Mac OS or Linux, and can email me if you want further instructions. If you use Windows then you're on your own).

2 comments: said...

Hi Chris,

Bernd pointed me to your blog. Hey it's cool to see, that you enjoyed the nuernberg bier and way of living.

I'm really sad, that I was not able to trink some beer together with you and the old team.
If you got Bernd as your german teacher and lecturer - I'm sure you will improve your german quickly - best regards

Chris said...

Hi Hubert, nice to hear from you again. Yes, we had a very nice time in Nuernberg, thanks to Bernd's hospitality. I can't wait to try Schaeuferle again!
Glad you like the blog too.

Maybe we can have a couple of beers together next time I come over.