Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Not the Riyadh Choral Society

Public gatherings for the purpose of music-making are banned here, so it is not allowed for a group of ex-pats who like to sing to get together and form a choral society.

Had such things been allowed, then I would have recently joined the Riyadh Choral Society and attended weekly rehearsals. Then we would have put on three performances of a Seasonal Concert at a secret location, which would have had a small orchestra accompanying the choir and would have included excerpts from Handel's Messiah, plus a variety of secular and church Christmas pieces, and a Carol requests slot.

These concerts would have been very popular, and attended by around 200 people each day. Those attending would have enjoyed an excellent selection of Christmas music, mince pies and mulled grape juice at half-time, and a good old carol singalong.

Shame we're not allowed... ;-)

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dennis said...

such a shame...if only..
then the Prime Note Ensemble, would have been the 1st Filipino a cappella choir in Saudi Arabia, had it been established in 2001. i could have then created a website for it and call it www.pne-choir.com