Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It's Santa!

We really enjoyed our Family Christmas Party at the end of last week in the Residence garden. All the Embassy staff were there with their families, and we devoured an outdoor buffet lunch in the mild (yet verging on the nippy) weather, followed by a magic show, team games, and even a visit from Santa -- not sure how HE got a visa!

Some pictures...

Abigail with Alexandra

Another new experience: Filipino Magic!

He did a great job of keeping the children entertained

Karen and Andrew in the plank-walking race
(I don't think they won... I know Elliot and I didn't!)

Tug 'o' War

That's what we need -- some military organisation!

Bobbing for apples? In this weather?

Elliot trying to put the goalie off before taking his penalty (it worked).

At last! It's SANTA! Hang on, that "little helper" looks suspiciously like our driver!

Santa had to borrow some extra sacks from HM Govt.

Can't wait!

Pressie time!

Abigail just scraped in under the age bar

Karen, Santa, and Mel. Somehow I got the feeling they all knew each other...

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