Tuesday, March 27, 2007

On the road again

...or should that be, "In the sky again"?

Had a very successful BrainShare conference in Salt Lake City last week. It was good to catch up with friends and colleagues (and remind them all what I look like!), and I had some very productive meetings.
A friend of mine, Kevin Smith, was involved in the keynote session on Monday, and he gave a great demo of our new product: Open Enterprise Server 2. Despite an early mistake that took a minute or two to fix, the demo went very well and he got some great feedback from the crowd afterwards.

Take a look for yourself here. Kevin's demo is about an hour in.

Tonight I'm off again, this time with the family to visit the UK for Easter holidays. We have a couple of days in England, then a five-day break in Edinburgh before returning to Berkshire to spend Easter with family, then flying back to Riyadh on Easter Monday.

I will be taking my laptop and will blog while I'm away, and even if it turns out that I can't get online, I can always send short updates from my Blackberry, so there's no escape for you!

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