Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Not the Riyadh Choral Society Again.

Following on from the Christmas concert we didn't have in December, The RCS is not having a concert again tonight and tomorrow, not including several arrangements of Psalm 23, some Brahms gypsy songs and an Andrew Lloyd Webber medley.

So, still no furtive singers creeping around hugging their music folders to their chests, no whispering of passwords, no speakeasy rehearsal dens, no hiding plain brown envelopes of tickets inside our coats (apart from anything else, it's too hot for coats!)

What's even less scary is, I don't have a solo to sing!

I'll let you know how it didn't go tomorrow.


theodorestreet said...

It would be a shock to find out that the underground music scenr is still happening. I was a member of the madrigal singers (Cantabile) and the big choir...Love Last Night of the Proms an Americana, eh!

Julia said...

Yeah, I can tell that this topic went dead SEVERAL years ago. But I just wanted to parrot theodorestreet about Cantabile!! I was active 1994-96 and was part of the wave of US Defense family members who got forcibly evacuated Aug 96. Hubby was in the OPM SANG building when it was blasted. I was so happy to hang out with musical people in Riyadh. My APO address was used when the choral groups needed to buy sheet music and be certain it would get delivered. Was even part of a little clandestine combo that played at some sort of a speak-easy with that horrendous home-brew inserted into salvaged glass bottles. We rehearsed at the DQ apartment of some American named Greg who taught guitar lessons under the table. Well, sorry for taking up your time. Being part of the Riyadh vocal scene was amazing. I'm just sayin.