Saturday, May 12, 2007

RiyadhCam latest

This will be my last posting for a few days, as I'm travelling to the UK tonight on a business trip.

Couple of amusing photos taken with my mobile phone while out and about in Riyadh. The first is this one of Pakistani workers travelling home:

click to enlarge

Note there are two men in the passenger seat, one on the other's lap. I wonder how many there are in the back of the van?

Now check out the look of satisfied comfort on this rather chubby underwear model.

"Mmm, I'm sitting down in my new pants... lovely!"

"Pop Winner Max Underwear (4XL). Experience New Level of Comfort"

What were they thinking? Why not use a younger model with a nice physique and just show him in the pants? Who are they trying to impress by using a fat, fully-clothed model? To give him credit though, his face does look like that of a man experiencing "new level of comfort".


Deborah said...

These photos taken with your mobile phone is pretty good. Can I know which model is that? I've been trying to look for one. Thanks.

Chris said...

Hi Deborah,
The phone I use is the Samsung SGH-X820, and you can see it here

Anonymous said...

hey chris,
Thanks! btw, did i tell you that my hubby n i r fans of your blog?!? We love it.

We should be posted to Riyadh sometime next year, working in one of the Asia Embassy (sorry abt not revealing too much at this point), coz the HR dept is a bit sensitive and nothing is confirmed yet.

Anyway, want to say a big thank you on giving us insights into this weird and yet fascinating world of Arabia.


Anonymous said...

btw, the last comment was me, deborah. not sure how come I appeared as anonymous. have a blessed day ! :)

Chris said...

Hi Deborah,

Maybe you didn't login to Blogger before commenting. It's done that to me a couple of times.

Chris said...

Thanks for your kind words Deborah (Anonymous). I'm very pleased you like the blog and that it is giving you some useful info.
We will be finishing up here in December so if you're not coming out 'til next year we'll already be gone by then. Perhaps you should think about picking up the blogging baton for those that will come after you!