Thursday, June 07, 2007

Clustrmaps User Of The Month!

You see my little map thing on the right that shows where all you lovely readers live? Well, I found out recently that Clustrmaps offer a "Clustrmaps+" service, which for a modest fee will give me extra features, including the ability to "zoom in" to individual continents. Sounded good, and good value, so I signed up last week. Since then I've been checking it every day but nothing had changed, so I emailed the folks at Clustrmaps -- not to complain, but to politely ask when I could expect to see my new features working.

The nice people there not only responded quickly with an apology (apparently they're upgrading their servers right now and are having a few glitches), but they also refunded my money but kept me as a "plus" customer, and then the next day made me one of their Users Of The Month for providing them with feedback.

I'll let you know once it starts working.

Thankyou Clustrmaps!

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