Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Last Day at School

Today is Abigail's last ever day at the British School. She and Elliot will be moving to a boarding school in the UK in September, and Elliot is working at the Embassy at the moment so had his last day at school already. How Karen and I feel about being separated from the children from September is stuff for another post nearer the time (I'm trying not to think about it).

We held a farewell party at the Embassy yesterday for them to say goodbye to around 35 of their friends. Elliot handled it better than Abigail did, her face was red with tears at the end. I expect it'll look the same when she gets back from school in around half an hour's time.

We're off on holiday this afternoon: ten days in Malaysia, can't wait! If it's even half as good as our Thailand holiday last year it'll be a trip to remember. Don't know if I'll post here while we're away. depends on how chilled out I get :-)

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Wisdom Lover said...

Hi Chris

Actually I'm betting it'll be TWICE as better as last year's Thai trip. You'll see. As for the kids, yeah; it will be tough. But it will build character. I've moved around 8 times in grade school. In different countries, too. Of course nowadays it's less painful with all the easy communication, but tough nonetheless. Hopefully we'll be reading both their blogs next year. Hmm... now blogs have families of their own?