Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Elliot!

I can't believe it. My little boy is sixteen years old today. Kids grow up so fast. I remember 3am feeds, holding the bottle and watching American Gladiators to stay awake. Now he's taller than me and he's got a girlfriend and an electric guitar (although not necessarily in that order!)

His favourite presents:

iPod Video

Wario Ware: Smooth Moves (game for Nintendo Wii)

This game takes the paradigm of the Wii Remote to new heights, and as you progress through the game you learn new "stances" in which to wield your "form baton":

The "Form Baton"

"The Umbrella"

"The Handlebar"

"The Waiter"

"The Elephant"

You adopt a different stance for each "microgame". Microgames only take about five seconds and come in quick succession, so playing Wario Ware is pretty hectic and keeps you on your toes. In just a few minutes' play you can return a ping pong ball, drink a pint of beer, hit someone on the back with a stick, put dentures in an old woman's mouth, swat a fly, balance a panda on a beachball, cut fingernails, sweep up some leaves and perform an alien abduction of a cardboard box.

Hours of fun for the whole family. Oops! Better get on with some work now!


anealator said...

The badge says, "Look out! Here comes trouble!" It came with Jez, Sian and Isabelle's card, THANK YOU!!!


Anonymous said...

Haha Not Necessarily In That Order...
Pretty Sure The Guitar Will Always Come First For Elliot.
Haha. Well I Can't Be One To Talk.
My New Guitar Is My New Baby.
It Actually Tore Me Apart Having To Leave It Behind To Come On Holiday...But I Didn't Want To Risk Damaging It On Planes Etc. Have Adopted My Cousins' Enormous Range Of Electrics, Acoustics, SemiAcoustics And Basses Instead.
But I Do Miss My Two All The Same.
Wow. Old Bloggage. Looking Through Some Of The Really Early Ones.