Saturday, June 24, 2006

Chris's Taxi Service

It's a common parent's complaint these days that they spend more time running around after their children than they do living their own lives. Guitar lessons, ballet lessons, boy scouts, swimming club, birthday parties... you know what I mean.

I thought that would ease up a bit when we came out here (there's not much to do in Riyadh), but quite the reverse has happened. The expat community - and the school in particular - puts on a wide array of activities, and when you add those to the usual birthday parties and the fact that the end of the school year is approaching (with many kids jetting off to their home countries for the summer), it all adds up to a bit of a social whirl for the children, and serious taxi duties for me.

Actually I'm exaggerating a bit because we've got some very nice friends with whom we share lifts, and the Embassy drivers do their bit too. In fact, I've got nothing to moan about really, but hey - since when did that stop me?

Anyway, here are a couple of recent photos of said social whirl in progress.

Elliot (right) "jammin'" with the rest of his band - suggestions for a name on a postcard plelase - and showing off the electric guitar he got for his birthday a couple of weeks ago.

Abigail and her best friend Alix dressed to impress before
the School Disco.

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