Saturday, June 10, 2006

Do you prefer your Kulfi leaded or unleaded?

A funny thing happened on the way home the other night...

We'd been out at a barbecue at a friend's house on Al Hamra compound, and were on our way back to the DQ at around 11.30pm with Barry and his family in their HUGE Ford Expedition, when Barry realized he was running low on petrol. A couple of minutes later a petrol station came in to view, so Barry swept onto the forecourt and pulled up by a pump. The Indian forecourt attendant received instructions to "fill 'er up", then just as he was putting the nozzle in the tank, another Indian man in overalls ran up to Barry's window waving a piece of card, which on further inspection turned out to be a laminated dessert menu such as you get in lower-budget Indian restaurants, with photos of all the desserts on offer. I was in the passenger seat and had been gazing out of my window so I hadn't noticed the guy approach, and only turned around when I heard the laughter and as I did so Barry handed the menu to me, as if to say, "look, whatever next?". I took one glance at the menu and said, all dead-pan like, "Coconut Surprise please", then returned to my window-gazing. My car-bound audience were highly amused!
It seems like wherever you go and whatever you do here, you're never far from an overall-wearing Indian man offering everything from a car wash to a lemon sorbet.

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