Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Two things this week have left me in pain :-(

Most recently I caused my calf muscle injury to flare up by jumping into the Embassy swimming pool - hurt almost as much as when I first did it. Back to limping!

A day before that I had a minor skating accident - again I think I asked for it. I was skating to the end of the DQ and back, and on the way back there's a road that is currently closed to traffic - as if there are roadworks going on.

I could see that the road wasn't actually dug up - just a stretch about a hundred metres long with plastic barriers at each end. To go around would have meant a long detour so I decided to be a rebel and skate through the "no-go area". I rolled up to the plastic barriers, and on through, since there are gaps in them big enough for a person to get through. However it wasn't until I'd just gone past the barriers that I saw - right in front of me - a chain that was tied to trees on each side of the road - about waist height.

I had no time to stop but at least I saw in time to take some sort of evasive action, otherwise it would have looked like a scene from an old WWII movie, where the escaped prisoners stretch a wire across the road to snare a passing Nazi motorcyclist. But I saw it coming, albeit too late to actually stop in time, so instead I grabbed the chain and attempted to kind of roller-limbo under it, while still gripping it with both hands. This kind of worked I suppose because I didn't get cut in half, but I did fall on the road, managing to twist around on the way down to take most of the impact on my kneepads and wristguards... oh yes, and my ribs!

I'm getting too old for this.

We're off to Bahrain for the weekend, this time driving our own car. At least the sandstorm season is over so I don't need to worry about greasing the car up with Fairy Liquid!

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