Monday, June 26, 2006

She's a poet and She knows it!

I guess it should come as no surprise that my offspring should display a talent for writing (well, one of them anyway), considering the literary prowess of their father (blush).

We received a letter the other day from Young Writers (a vehicle for Forward Press), informing us that a poem Abigail had submitted in a young writers competition supported by her school has been chosen for inclusion in a new book of children's poetry, A Pocketful Of Rhyme - Little Laureates.

I'm so proud!

I'm sure some of you (well, those related to me at least) will want to get a copy of the book when it is published this August, so I'll post more details about availability when I get them.

In the meantime, here is Abigail's winning poem:-

I Could Become...

I could become a bad teacher
I'd laugh at all the kids
Give bad students housepoints and merits
For smashing pens with no lids

I could become a bad shopkeeper
I'd scan all the items wrong
I'd steal all the customers PIN numbers
And scream, "It's all gone Pete Tong!"

I could become a bad writer
I'd doodle all over my books
I'd lie about World War 3000
Make the characters dangerous cooks

I could become any of these things
Is that for what I'm meant?
But I don't mind what I become
As long as I''m happy and content!

Abigail Neal, Age 11. British School Riyadh

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laura said...

brings a tear to your eyes and a smile:)