Thursday, September 20, 2007

On Way Home

I'm sitting in The Three Bells cafe/bar at Heathrow's Terminal 3. My United flight from Chicago landed at 6am and the Saudi Arabian Airlines flight to Riyadh doesn't leave until 12.30, to I have over six hours to kill at the airport. Luckily there's wireless internet access here so I've got no excuses for not posting a blog entry have I?

Almost home now, after what will have been just under three weeks away from the Magic Kingdom. I land at around eight forty pm local time tonight, and as Karen has just reminded me we're in the midst of Ramadan, so I'm not likely to get anything to eat or drink during the six-hour flight. Good job I've got plenty of stored fat to live on.

On Friday of last week we began our road trip from San Francisco to Provo, Utah via two national parks and the Nevada desert. First stop was Yosemite National Park, which is just under two hundred miles east of SF. Beautiful place with stunning views, quiet, clean air -- a great place to visit. We were particularly looking forward to seeing Yosemite Falls: one of the world's tallest waterfalls, but when we got there we learned that it dries up in Summer, so all we saw was a tall rock with a stain down it. Oh well, never mind.

Some photos of Yosemite:

Lots of winding mountain roads and great weather. Made me wish I was cruising on a Harley, but then where would all the suitcases go?

This pic is near the Yosemite Falls that weren't... falling, that is. I guess I should have taken a photo of the dried up falls but I didn't for some reason. I'll ask Kevin and BP for one of theirs.

I'll cover the Saturday in Nevada and Sunday in Utah when I get back and have caught up on some sleep.

PS today is our 21st wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Karen xxx

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