Saturday, September 29, 2007

RiyadhCam: Shopping Oddments

Just as was thinking I should lighten the mood a little bit after all that ranting about Ramadan, I found a bunch of forgotten photos on RiyadhCam: some taken before I went away to UK/US and a couple taken since I got back, but all interesting in their own quirky way....

Here's the pop-out pocket map of San Francisco that I mentioned in an earlier posting. Didn't stop us getting lost, useless thing! I think I was dazzled by the offer of the built-in compass and pen with light, none of which delivered on their promise.

Here is a clock tower in the Diplomatic Quarter. Up until recently the tower had a traditional analogue clock face on each side, but these were suddenly and inexplicably replaced by giant LED digital watch lookalikes. What were they thinking?

This poster is on the wall of the changing room in Sapphire Tailors, where Elliot and I had our suits made. One look at this reassured me that we were indeed in a Mecca (sorry!) for the fashion-conscious. If you look closely you can see my car keys hanging on the hook.

And now, a short series of odd items for sale in our local supermarket. I bought a tray of these, but after several days of necking the delicious Ginseng beverage I still don't look like the Adonis on the label. Perhaps you're supposed to wear the white headband while you drink it?

It is somebody's job to sit in the stockroom and scribble over pictures of exposed female flesh in black marker pen so that Saudi standards of decency are preserved. I wonder if this kind of work is restricted to immigrant workers or whether the young Saudi men working the checkout aspire to be promoted to "Marker Pen Guy". I know one or two blokes who'd do it for nothing!

They're a little behind the times when it comes to cosmetic treatments.
"Holy Facelift Batman! Who is that woman in the Gimp mask?"

...and my personal favourite. "Aaahh, that's better, I can sit down now."

Finally, some Ramadan decorations in the supermarket...

...and in Kingdom Shopping Centre.

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