Sunday, August 19, 2007

Suited & Booted

Elliot and I are now the proud owners of our new tailor-made suits. Picked them up yesterday from Sapphire Tailors after a brief try-on just to make sure everything was OK.

Elliot's two identical suits (for his 6th form school uniform) cost SR425 each (£57), and my considerably larger suit was slightly more at SR500 (£67).

Elliot looking smart and pleased with himself

We put them on when we got home to show Karen & Abigail, then went out to the garden for some photos. This was supposed to be a mock mail-order catalogue shoot with us in various fake poses for a laugh, but the chairs were so dusty we couldn't sit down, and we were no good at doing the fake posing anyway.

...and these are the better shots. Imagine the ones I'm not showing you.

"Your name's not down, you're not coming in."

Still, you get to see what the suits are like. We're very pleased with them..


Anonymous said...

Very the gps for the tailor?

Chris said...

That will be tricky, as my GPS doesn't show you the co-ordinates. I'll try to hook it up to my PC and get hold of it that way if you're interested. Send me an email and if I can get the coordinates I'll send them to you.

Laura said...

How handsome! Both of you obviously.

My 'little star' isn't so little anymore.