Saturday, August 25, 2007

GCSE Results

After much email-checking yesterday we finally got the second half of Elliot's GCSE results:

Maths B
French B
Music B
Geography C
English Lit. C

So, combine that with the first half:

Physics A
Biology B
English Lang. B
Chemistry C

...and he has two A's, five B's and three C's.

Considering Elliot has a slight learning difficulty, requiring extra time in some exams and some individual attention in the classroom, we think these results are excellent and really show how hard he worked on his preparation since the mocks.

The C in Geography has helped decide on Physics as his last A Level subject, so at the new school he will be studying Maths, Physics, Information Technology, Media Studies, and Religious Studies for A Level.

Well done Elliot!

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