Thursday, August 16, 2007

Riyadh(& Bahrain)Cam

A collection of interesting and amusing pics taken with my mobile phone while out and about...

Prayer time in Riyadh. Some go to the mosque, but others just pray for the shops to re-open.

Not sure what a 'Prodcast' is, but this phone can do it.

This sign on the Bahrain causeway is just over the border and says, 'The fun starts here.' We were so desperate for the fun we sped past so the photo is a bit of a blur.

The souk in Bahrain, and a rival for Sapphire Tailors: Suitings Corner.

'Super Mario Trading'. I wish I'd gone in and asked if they had any drainpipe trousers.

Many more Movenpick brunches and I'll be in the market for one of these.

Hmm, been feeling a bit weedy lately. Maybe some of this Ginseng drink will give me the Charles Atlas body I've always wanted.

'Lost in Translation' classic. Click to enlarge, but the slogan is:
"Super top king hip hop game, best come on boys star, get your own crypt and live forever King Boys".

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