Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Children's Last Day in Riyadh

We're flying to London overnight tonight, so today I'm busy packing and getting together all the paperwork we need to take with us for the new school. Abigail is at home with me and already packed, and Karen and Elliot are working at the Embassy (Elliot determined to earn that last bit of extra cash before he leaves).

Last night they had a farewell get-together with a few friends, kindly hosted by their best friends Alix & Josh (well, by their parents to be accurate).

Elliot & Abigail saying 'Au revoir' to their mates

It is actually 'Au revoir' rather than 'Goodbye', because they'll be back to visit at half-term, but then that really will be it for Saudi as far as they're concerned.

Got to go now, the case won't pack itself unfortunately. Will send updates from my travels.

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julie said...

Hope you got my message saying that we are thinking about you all. Maybe there will be a chance to invite Elliot and Abigail out for lunch when they have a free exeat.

Hope all goes well