Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mmm, Cake!

Refusing to be upstaged by Elliot's GCSE results, Abigail's star shone stickily yesterday in the shape of a scrumptious Blueberry Cake that she baked all by herself (with Karen supervising).

She chose the Blueberry Cake from a little book of cake recipes that came with BBC Good Food magazine, and baked it yesterday afternoon once we'd got back from the supermarket with all the ingredients.

My memories of the bringings-home of primary school cookery lessons made me a bit apprehensive as the plate was extracted ceremonially from the fridge, but I needn't have worried. This was the big-girl Abigail at work, times have changed. So, instead of the tupperware container full of unrecognisable brown sludge I was expecting, out came a very professional-looking Blueberry sponge cake.

The picture of the perfect result lays down the challenge...

...but Abigail meets it head on and produces an exact likeness

You think it looks good? You should taste it! The sponge was light and fluffy, there were just the right amount of blueberries both inside and on the top, and the icing was to die for: a kind of cheesecake flavour icing containing Philadelphia and sour cream, believe it or not. It may not sound very appetising but it is absolutely delicious.


There's only one word for it: Yum!

We all had our first slices together yesterday evening, and as I write I'm tucking into my second, Elevenses slice, accompanied by a Starbucks triple latte. I can feel the top button of my jeans straining under renewed pressure, but my soul's in a nice place so that's OK.

Want your own? Here's the recipe.


Abigail said...

Hard to resist XD

Laura said...

Lucas wants her to make him one when you are over!!