Tuesday, August 21, 2007

That's My Boy!

Dear Reader, I owe you -- and Elliot -- an apology.

Several family members have reprimanded me for forgetting something very important. There I was, reminiscing about the -- to quote The Beano -- slap up nosh we enjoyed at the Movenpick Brunch, and I forgot to tell you about the news we received only the day before.

The first half of Elliot's GCSE results arrived.

Yes, his results are coming to us in two chunks because the British School spreads its subjects over two examination boards: half of the ten subjects are handled by Cambridge (iGCSE), and the other half by EdExcel. I like to think it was the prospect of waiting until they were all in that stopped me mentioning it before, but to be honest I probably just forgot: my bad.

So, without any further ado, here is Part One of Elliot's results:
Physics A
Information Technology A
English Language B
Biology B
Chemistry C

We're all very pleased with these, and congratulations to Elliot for working so hard to get the best grades he could. He certainly earned his new guitar.

The second half: Maths, Geography, English Literature, Music, French, should be with us in the next few days. Elliot's chosen A Level subjects are IT, Maths, Physics or Geography and Media Studies (he can't do both Physics and Geography because of the school's timetable). So, good results so far and we're keeping everything crossed for Maths and Geography in the next batch.

Watch this space.

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