Monday, July 30, 2007

Failed my Saudi Driving Test

I'll never qualify as a Saudi driver until I can drive while holding my cup of coffee in one hand, cigarette in the other, while talking on my mobile and holding the steering wheel between my knees. Heck, seems I can't even manage the coffee part.

I was driving back home from Starbucks yesterday with the children, and went to retrieve my Latte from the cupholder in the centre armrest by grabbing it around the top like one of those fairground cranes. A manouevre I've done many times before but this time the plastic lid came off and a frantic twenty seconds ensued, during which I was trying to steer with my left hand, holding the cup up in front of me with my right, yelping, braking, looking in my mirror, scalding my groin, splashing coffee all over the steering wheel and instrument panel, and my groin again, and trying to stop without colliding with anything.

Elliot and Abigail thought it was quite funny but I can assure you my groin was not amused, and now the whole car smells of coffee.

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