Tuesday, July 17, 2007

RiyadhCam: Global Marketing

The film tie-in marketing campaigns regularly employed by global brands like McDonalds and Chevrolet don't quite work in a country with no cinemas, but do they tailor their marketing strategy to suit the local culture? Of course not, that would reduce profits!

Want a Shrek the Third Happy Meal? No problem.
Want to see Shrek the Third? Problem!

I wonder how many Saudis recognise this giant yellow robot from the new Transformers movie.


John Burgess said...

But Neal!

Saudis will be seeing those films when they hit DVD, if they haven't already seen them through bootlegs. They've seen the promos on TV and they've seen the earlier films in the series.

And then there are those who will see the films in Bahrain or whilst off on the summer holidays to more cinema-friendly climes.

It's not dumb marketing, just slightly out-of-sync marketing, saving the distributor lots-o-bux in not having to customize.

Chris said...

I don't think it's dumb John, just lazy. Those companies aren't using the material because they think it will work (for the reasons you mention). They're using it because that's the global campaign and there is nothing else for countries/cultures where something else may be more effective.

That's globalisation for you I guess...

John Burgess said...

I wasn't aware that any one country had the corner on laziness!

I do see what you're getting at and suspect you're probably right. But there is an argument for not expending additional resources if you can do well enough without them. Because the KSA is not Cinema City, any expenditure is only going to produce margin gains, likely not enough to justify the expenditure.

If we were talking Austins or Bentleys, it'd be a different matter. But a children's film?

That some deem the sweat of their brow priceless, not to be spent in any event, is another matter, of course.