Monday, July 09, 2007

Back to the Daily Grind

We got back to Riyadh yesterday evening after a lovely holiday in Malaysia.

Before going on I feel I must apologise for that moaning last post; I was a bit tiddly and the heat had gotten to me a bit.

Despite the sticky heat the holiday was great and after both this and our Thailand trip last year I can recommend the two-centre approach. The combination of life in the capital city and a resort island gives you a nice contrasting view of the country. We did lots of fun things and got loads of great photos. I'll post some stories about the trip here in a day or two, after I've caught up with work emails and pared down my 300 photos to a more manageable number.

"Wisdom Lover" commented in my post about Last Day at School that he thought this trip would be twice as good as Thailand. Sorry to disagree with you Wisdom... whilst I found this year's holiday more relaxing I would still choose Thailand if I ever planned a return visit.

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