Saturday, July 28, 2007

Malaysia (again): Langkawi

Right, I have two objectives this hot and sunny Saturday morning: to finish off our Malaysia holiday by showing you some snaps of Langkawi, and to get that hideous dog off the top of the page (it's amazing what surprises an internet search can dig up).

I know this has taken a while and other stories have gotten in the way but I thought splitting the Malaysia stuff up a bit would make a nice change from last August when you got nothing but Thailand Thailand Thailand from me for about a month.

So, our second Malaysian location was the islands of Langkawi, off the west coast of the mainland and a one hour flight Northwest of KL. The Pelangi Beach resort is one of those hotels where the rooms are built as a "village" of small houses along the beach, with lush, landscaped tropical gardens and lots of palm trees. Each house contained four or eight rooms, depending on its size.

It's hard not to have a great time in a place like this, and I won't bore you with all the luxury of it. Suffice it to say we loved it and returned to Riyadh refreshed, chilled, and thoroughly rested.

And now some piccies...

Our "front garden"

The smaller of the resort's two pools

...which we had almost to ourselves for a week -- wonderful!

How nice! A little flag to wave whenever you fancy a drink or a bite to eat poolside.

Trip to Bird Paradise on the other side of the island

...which apparently also incorporates Rabbit Paradise.

There's a 30-minute steep uphill trek over rough terrain to get to this waterfall. Minutes after I took this, Abigail slipped on the rock and went in the water up to her chest!

Abigail in her element.

No, not another free cocktail! Oh well, if I must...

Pick a card...

Overall a fantastic holiday which I would recommend to anyone. Great as it was though, my heart still belongs to Thailand.

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