Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Blogging Ambassador

As you know, Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles was the British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia during the first half of our tour, and a regular companion of ours on several desert trips. As I mentioned here at the time, he left Riyadh in the early part of this year to take up his new position of Her Majesty's Ambassador to Afghanistan at the British Embassy in Kabul.

I was browsing the website of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office the other day (as you do; well... as I do) when I discovered FCO Blogs and saw Sherard among its contributors. Sherard writes regularly on this site about the situation in Afghanistan and the fight against the Taliban, and, being the technophile I know he is, I was pleased but not surprised to find that he has started posting video clips on the blog to show us some of the country's interesting and significant sites.

A sample clip from Sherard's blog

Take a look. It makes very interesting reading. Maybe Sherard has set an example that other senior diplomats may follow, and we could soon be seeing similar video blogs (or "vlogs", as I believe they're annoyingly called) from other Foreign Office posts.

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