Saturday, October 20, 2007

They're Back

Elliot & Abigail landed safely in Riyadh this evening, after a short delay to their flight. It's great to have them home again and since we picked them up they haven't stopped talking about school and all the teachers and new friends they've made.

Yay! We got our kids back!

So now we're repacking cases for the trip to Dubai tomorrow morning. I will try and post the desert trip story while we're away.

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Izzie Mathis said...

You Have Two Beautiful Children, Even If One Of Them Has Patience Problems.
In Relation To Your Entry On "The Kingdom", I Have Been Meaning To See That Movie Myself For Quite A While. Over Here It Is 15+ But Luckily I Never Have Any Trouble Getting Into...Well... Any Movie.
Looks Like A Really Good Flick, Also, I'm Extremely Curious Due To All The Friends I've Made In Saudi Now. I Do Worry About Everyone, Being In What Seems To Be Such A Dangerous Part Of The World.

P.S. Next Year Should Be Interesting As Plans Are Being Made For Me To Board At A School Over In The UK.