Saturday, October 06, 2007

One Down, 99 To Go

I'm feeling pretty good this morning, because I found a buyer for the car at the weekend. Haven't actually done the deal yet; we've agreed to leave it until mid-November for reasons that suit us both, but we've agreed a price, so that's one big and potentially stressful line on my To-Do list that I can now cross out. Hooray!

As if we haven't got enough to do, I was reflecting on our time here over the weekend and I think I've decided that I want a traditional Arab outfit as a souvenir. So now, on top of everything else, I'm planning to go and get measured for my thobe, ghutra and various other garments. I had a conversation with some friends about this several weeks ago, and got the impression that it's quite common for Westerners to get "kitted out". They even gave me some tips on which shops to go to. I have no idea how many garments will be involved: I do know they have at least one undergarment on the top half, and I believe there are white trousers under the thobe too, but I don't have the full details -- yet. I also have no idea how much money we're talking about, but it'll be fun finding out all about it. I'll probably look like a complete wally in it, but it'll be a nice reminder of our time in Saudi, and I'll have an original fancy dress costume at the ready.


lillian said...

Pictures please haha

Firas T said...

White undershirt, white pants (usually above the ankle) and white underpants since any darker color would be obvious. I'm not sure what your price range is, but for top of the line service and quality, there is a chain called Mashar they usually go for 250 SAR. Good luck!

Chris said...

lillian: Pictures?? depends... If I think I look dashing enough I might share some.

Firas: Thanks for the tip. Is there one of those in Olaya Mall? Someone told me Olaya Mall was a good place to go.