Wednesday, October 03, 2007

RiyadhCam Latest

Thank goodness for RiyadhCam, that's all I can say. It can be relied upon to provide material for the odd blog post at times when I'm stuck for something more important or interesting to write about. This is one of those times. We have so much coming up over the next few weeks that I'm sitting here in a rabbit-in-the-headlights (that a cliché?) -style daze, unable to focus on one particular thing. Between now and when we leave Riyadh at the end of November we've got to sell unwanted items (including the car), pack up our stuff, find a place to rent in UK for a while, and get the money out of our Saudi bank account before closing it. Not to mention all the farewells we'll be saying to friends over a lemonade or two. Also the children are coming out at half-term for their last visit to Riyadh. We'll spend some of the time here so they can see their friends but we'll also be having a short holiday somewhere else: not telling you where yet. On top of all of that there's Karen's birthday in November, AND I'm going to the U.S. on business for a week, and Yes, it's the same week :-(

So with all that swimming around in my head, it's hard to settle on anything particular to write about, and it's at times like these I'm very grateful to RiyadhCam with its ever-present library of odd photos of this interesting place....

In a country where the eating of Pork is forbidden and it cannot be bought in the shops, it's amusing to see that things like this slip through the net. No wonder it's on Special Offer -- they can't give the stuff away.

I came out of the Dentist's the other day and saw this scruffy old car parked outside the (closed) Pharmacy. Click to see a larger image and look at the sunshade in the windshield: must have been a promotional freebie. Wonder what else he got?

Nothing particularly funny about this shot, but it is Ramadan after all, so I thought you might like a picture of a mosque. This one is on King Abdul-Aziz Rd., or "Old Airport Rd" as it is more commonly known.

That last comment just reminded me that I haven't told you about the multiple names some of the roads have here. Must make a note to explain that more fully in another post.

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•Houliee• said...

LOL That car pic is so funny! ehehe so they dooo have a sense of humour in ksa ;p anywaaay, great post ;p