Friday, January 06, 2006

Creature Comforts

Consumer Electronics: gotta love 'em. Oh... did I tell you I was a gadget freak?

I think in the last six months I've been "comfort-gadget-buying" the same way some people comfort-eat to alleviate their anxiety. Guess I'm feeling a little apprehensive about the move, and I know when I get there I'll be in for a brief technology drought: no satellite tv, no broadband etc. for the first few weeks, plus all those long-haul flights etc., it all adds up to the need to carry plenty of toys with me!

Here's what I carry in my kit-bag all day long!

The Archos AV500 is a really nice piece of kit. It's a 100Gb hard disk portable video recorder, that can record TV, movies, DVDs etc, in addition to housing all your digital photos and music. Check it out here.
If you're not travelling and don't want to watch on the built-in 4 inch screen, just hook it up to your normal telly and you're away!

Most recent - and current fave - purchase is the Nintendo Gameboy Micro. I've had every Gameboy since the chunky, white, monochrome original that was launched in the late '80s, and this new one is sooo small and cute, yet boasts the best screen of any model so far. My game of the month is Mario vs. Donkey Kong: just the right thing for an old fogey like me who remembers playing the original Donkey Kong down my local pub in the late '70s!

So, whatever the next 2 years in Saudi has to throw at me, my gadget army will keep me happy :-)

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norman said...

Just read up on your gadget-fest re creature comforts. Your other option is of course reading! Oliver Norvell (that's Norvell) Hardy book on its way today so should hopefully get there for this wednesday's post.