Monday, January 16, 2006

View from my desk

Thought I'd share a couple of pictures of what I can see from my desk. Well... it's actually the dining room table rather than a desk.

Study Buddies
First up, Elliot & Abigail being very studious and doing their homework in the afternoon, right across from me:-

The school day is 0750 - 1430, so they're home by 3.15pm and we make them get straight down to it while their still in studying mode (Ha!). Plus, because of the time difference between here and UK (we're 3 hours ahead in Winter, 2 hours in Summer) they prefer to get their homework done first, then go on the internet later, when there's more chance of their UK pals being on-line on MSN Messenger.

My Birthday Present
Here's what Karen got me for my birthday:-

It's the Logitech MM50 portable speaker system for iPod, and it's brilliant! Here's why:-
  1. it sounds great
  2. it feels great - very sturdy but without being too heavy; the front grille is metal
  3. it has Lithium Ion rechargable batteries, so you can use it anywhere
  4. when it's plugged in to the power outlet it also charges the iPod
  5. it comes with a remote control and travel case
  6. it has an iPod dock connector on the back, so you can even sync your iPod with iTunes without taking it out of the speaker dock!
I love it!


norman said...

The iPod system looks fab. I know it's a pressie but can you let me know how much they are??



Chris said...

Norman wants to know the price of the iPod speaker system.
Karen got it for £100 from Micro Anvika in the UK, but I guess it depends on where you're from and where you're buying. have it for £70, but with a 2 week delivery time

They were out of stock when Karen was buying :(